Webinar: Responsible AI and the Legal Implications of Bias in Algorithms

Wednesday, April 13, 2022 from 1:00-1:45pm ET (10:00-10:45am PT)

The prevalence of AI in decision-making systems has grown exponentially over the past decade. While the capabilities of these systems have evolved at a rapid rate, it is now widely acknowledged that many of these systems are not robust in real-world deployments. This has led to, for example, biased and “unfair” algorithms being deployed in critical decision-making systems.

This educational webinar will explore:

  • Why, and how, algorithms can be biased
  • Why Responsible Machine Learning is becoming an imperative
  • Pending AI regulations including the Algorithm Accountability Act of 2022 and more
Register for this informative webinar on how the deployment of AI/ML technologies are introducing legal issues around fairness and bias that can impact your clients.

Learn more about our Speakers:

Rohit Chatterjee, PhD, is a Partner at Keystone Strategy where he co-leads the Economic & Technology Advisory group and founded our K.ATS (Keystone Advanced Technology Services) team made up of data scientists and software engineers.

Junsu Choi is an Engagement Manager at Keystone Strategy and co-leads the Information, Strategy, Risk, and Regulation (ISRR) practice, focused on Responsible Machine Learning and issues around fairness, accountability, transparency, and ethics.

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